Prayer Points on Open Heaven

Pastor E. A. Adeboye does not write these prayer points, by one of his numerous disciples, for Christ, who was inspired and mandated by the Holy Spirit, about 5 years ago, (effective January 1st, 2015), to start writing these prayer points, based on the Open Heavens Daily Devotional, authored by Pastor E. A. Adeboye.

Prayer Points on Open Heaven 31 January 2023

Great is Your faithfulness, oh Lord my father, there is no shadow of turning with You. Thou changest not, thy compassion they fail not. As thou has been, thou forever will be.

Father I thank You because I slept and I woke again because You have sustained me. Father I thank You in Jesus name.

Thank You Jesus because whatever I ask in Your name is already done and settled in heaven and on earth. There are no impossibilities with You.

Lord please have mercy on me and forgive my iniquities in the name of Jesus.

Father, please heal my water and heal my land in the name of Jesus!

Father, You are the God we serve and nothing is impossible with You. Please step into every hopeless case in my life and cause a turn around now in the name of Jesus.

Father, I come to You in the name of Jesus Christ the first of the begotten. I know that there is nothing You can not do. No situation is beyond Your abilities and no mountain is insurmountable before You. You are the God of all flesh and nothing is too hard for You. I bring this situation (mention) before You and I ask that You show up as a mighty awesome one and do wonders for me in the name of Jesus.

Lord, just as You Healed impossible situations and turned lives around in amazing ways in scripture, I know You are still the same God. Please do so in my life in Jesus name.

Father God, no matter how long my unpleasant state has been, I know that You are able to turn it around. Please cause a turnaround to happen now in the name of Jesus!

Oh Lord, only You can bring something out of nothing. Father even out of the seemingly empty and hopeless cases in my life, bring out testimonies in the name of Jesus!

Oh Lord, silence every adversary in my life that is mocking me and causing me to feel shame and reproach in the name of Jesus!

Father, let anyone mocking me now come and rejoice with me, in Jesus name.

Oh Lord, speak to my womb and send barreness away from me. Let it be far from my household. May my family and my generation continually experience the joy of having blessed children in the name of Jesus.

Lord, I will not let You go unless You change this evil pattern for good. Lord, please change my story in the mighty name of Jesus!

Anything, anyone, any force that is disturbing me and my family, today, let the fire of God fall and consume them in Jesus name.

Father, I cease to be comfortable with all the problems in my life. From today onwards, I have decided to stop accommodating these problems (mention) in the name of Jesus!

Father, please step into every longstanding affliction in my life and family and let them be brought to their abrupt end in Jesus name!

Oh Lord, I am tired of the level that I am on now; I want to move forward. I have achieved some success and I am grateful to You, but I am not yet where I want to be. Shift me forward father in the name of Jesus!

Today, I say enough is enough of (mention the problem you are tired of) and I decree that this problem ceases immediately in Jesus name.

Oh Lord, bless Your son Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye for all his years of continual service, remember him, guide him on the path, help him remain focused, bless his entire household, and fulfill all Your promises for their liberation and ministry, Lord of peace, may You grant him and his family peace at all times and in every way (2 Thess. 3:16). May You equip him with everything good for doing Your will, and may You work in him what is pleasing to You, through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory forever and ever. I ask You to deliver him from people who have wrong motives, I also pray that he will have joy in his ministry; and that he will always feel strong and refreshed in his spirit, soul, and body. in Jesus’ name.

Father, bless everyone dedicating their time to pray through these prayers & declarations at the point of their needs. Give them the grace to share/rebroadcast, in Jesus’ name.

Lord all those who have been rebroadcasting these prayers and declarations, give them the grace to keep up with this good work of Faith, in the name of Jesus.

By faith, appreciate God for answered prayers. Your testimonies are undeniable in Jesus’ name.

Father, let every challenge, hindrance, and obstacle of getting these prayer points across to Your children, timely, and on daily basis be removed, in Jesus’ name.

Submit yourself and your personal petitions to God. Cast all your cares on Him, for He cares for you.

Your Personal petitions. (Philippians 4:6)

In Jesus name I pray. (John 14:13-14; 15:16)

Thank you Father for your answered prayers. (1 Thessalonians 5:18).


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