Wine of Worship 10 with the theme “Sing of God’s Mercies” is an annual worship meeting with guests all over Nigeria and also outside the country, this annual worship congress has birthed diverse testimonies in the life of many. The Ministry has had wine of worship in different churches with different grace from far and near present to bless the people of God, below is the list of the Wine of Worships held, venue, and Ministers invited:

Wine of Worship 1 – was the arrival of a great book “SEVEN MANIFESTATION OF YOUR BELIEVE, with Reverend Mrs. Julie Bello of Calvary Life Assembly (Bishop Ransom Bello) and Sis. Mamti Umoh from Port Harcourt alongside Seasoned Gospel Ministers in Kano and fathers of the Land @ Bible Foundation Church, Ijebu Road, Close to MFM, Kano tagged WINE OF WORSHIP EPHESIANS 5:18 on Sunday 13th of October 2012.

Wine of Worship 2 – was a great depth of worship and prophecy with Pst. Chris Morgan all the way from Abuja alongside renowned Gospel Ministers in Kano @ Grace of God Church, Abeokuta Road by Court r/d, Kano tagged Worship & wonders Luke 17: 12-19 on Good Friday 29th March 2013.

Wine of Worship 3 – had a great depth of revelations for Nigeria and individual graced with our guest Pst. Chingtok Ishaku from Zaria @ Church of God Mission, Onitsha by Ibo r/d, Kano alongside renowned Gospel Ministers in Kano tagged Get into God (G.I.G) PHILIPHIANS 3:3 on Sunday 27th of April 2014.

Wine of Worship 4 – was a worship Encounter never forgotten with Mighty Mass Choir from ABU Zaria @ Chapel of Grace, Aitken Road, Kano, alongside Spirited Gospel Ministers in Kano tagged HEART ORDAINED WORSHIP H.O.W Mark 14:3.

Wine of Worship 5 – was another Seven (7) hours of Worship with great signs & wonders with our guest Steve Crown from Abuja @ ECWA Gospel Centre, Mission Road, Kano, alongside Seasoned Gospel Ministers in Kano tagged EL-BETHEL Genesis 35:7 (The place of encounter) on Sunday 17th of July 2016.

Wine of worship 6 was a live recording that brought many ministers from all over including FOTUD spiritual father from Ghana Prophet Ishmael Pupulampu, Sister Yemi Gold from Abuja and Bro. Emily and His crew from Kaduna state at the word of faith Nomansland Kano state tagged: Intimate worship EPHESIANS 5:32 on Sunday 16th of July 2017.

Wine of worship 7 was Kano colossal homecoming concert (John 17:21-23) that had so many great ministers who were formerly in Kano state come back to be of blessing to the land again and those also in Kano state, a three days meeting that was held both in the chapel of grace Kano, Bible Foundation and ECWA gospel center Kano state tagged: The wonders of worship Acts 16:25-26 from Friday 13th of July to Sunday 15th July 2018.

Wine of worship 8 was the album launch of the live recording concert of WOW 6 with three days of multiple ministrations of various ministers all over the country most especially from Kaduna state at Chapel of Grace Kano state tagged The flow John 7:37-38 from Friday 19th to Sunday of 21st July 2019.

Wine of Worship 9 which was a live recording concert held from Friday 17th to Sunday 19th of July 2020 with special men and women of God was indeed a medium through which God enacted His executive will upon the land of Kano and beyond. The theme of WOW 9 was PENIEL Genesis 32:30 (Face to face encounter).

Wine of Worship 10 – happening on the 16th of July, at Kings Banquet Hall, 31 Abeokuta Road by Court Road, Sabongari, Kano State; among other things would be 10 hours of worship and praise session in total reverence to God for bringing this all-time event thus far, growing in grace and magnitude these 10years. This event will mark a special new season in the life of as many that will partake of this eternal package from heaven. PRAY, PREPARE TO ATTEND from any part of the world as there shall be live streaming of the event on the FOTUD social media platforms

Lists of Ministers for WOW 10 includeElshadai Music (Kaduna), Salamatu (Kaduna), Mojadesinuola Samuel (Kaduna), Pst Cousin Victory, Emma Chris, Pius Paul, Felix Jimmy, Bensax, King Moses, Victor Akra, Felix E’Praiz, Evang Bimbo, Joy Jospeh.

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