Topic: Worldly Pleasure And Pressure

Memory verse
1 John 2:15 – “Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.”

Fire Scripture
1John 2:15

MFM Daily Devotional 31st October 2021 Outline

The Bible tells us not to love the world (I John 2:15). Here, “world” means the world system, the value system of undegenerated humans—the attitudes, desires, loves, cares, and priorities of sinful flesh. The world is a system controlled by satan, who operates through cultures that have little regard for God.

Christians must live in their culture, but they dare not take their lead from it. The world system in which we live is the enemy’s territory. It is not neutral. Worldliness is anything that makes sin look attractive and righteousness look silly. We are worldly whenever we live and love and choose on the same basis as people who don’t love God.

A Christian striving for power in a church or exploding at his wife at home can be as worldly as a person guzzling drinks at a bar. We are in a season where many people exist just for fleshly pleasure; the flesh has become the god of many people. The devil has given many people abundance of flesh-satisfying agenda.

We see the homosexuals, lesbians and people spending hours on internet games, video games, Facebook, twitter, YouTube etc. Most young ladies are prostituting not necessarily because they love living as prostitutes but because they want to look ‘beautiful’ like others – wear flashy and expensive dresses and gold jewelleries, drive the latest cars, and move about with all forms of vanities.

In many places, the New Testament regards the life of a Christian as a life lived in tension. On the one hand, all true believers have had their lives renewed by the Holy Spirit. We saw how John speaks of this reality by reminding us that all Christians know God, have had their sins forgiven, and have overcome the evil one (1 John 2:12–14).

Though this new life gives us the ability to resist sin, the tension of the Christian life resides in the fact that the presence of sin has not yet been eliminated completely. We have the ability to resist temptation, but at the same time we will not do so perfectly. God has granted us a role to play in our perseverance and so we need to be warned against falling into sin.

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It is important to note that when John speaks of the world here, he is not referring to nature or to human beings. Rather, he is speaking of the world system that sets itself up in opposition to the things of God. Note that the world in today’s devotional should be understood as everything connected with this present life, apart from the kingdom of God and the hope of eternal life.

Motivational Quote
Christians must live in the world but not let the world live in them.

Prophetic Word
Grace to obey and comply with God’s law and precepts is released to you, in the name of Jesus.

HYMN: Jesus calls us

1. Jesus calls us; o’er the tumult
Of our life’s wild, restless sea,
Day by day His sweet voice soundeth,
Saying, “Christian, follow Me.”

2. Jesus calls us from the worship
Of the vain world’s golden store,
From each idol that would keep us,
Saying, “Christian, love me more.”

3. In our joys and in our sorrows,
Days of toil and hours of ease,
Still He calls in cares and pleasures,
“Christian, love Me more than these.”

4. Jesus calls us: by Thy mercies,
Saviour, may we hear Thy call,
Give our hearts to Thine obedience,
Serve and love Thee best of all.

1. Lord, I receive the grace to receive and obey Your law and precept, in the name of Jesus
2. Lo r d , d e l i v e r me fr om t h e temptation of compromising Your divine instructions, in the name of Jesus
3. Lord, give me the grace to treasure your word above every other thing in life, in the name of Jesus.

4. LORD, I make demands on your grace to be clearly different from the world, in the name of Jesus
5. I receive the grace to stand for Christ Jesus in character, in the name of Jesus.
6. Help me, LORD, Let not worldliness prevail over my life, in the name of Jesus
7. LORD, do not allow worldly pleasure and pressure to have dominion over me, in the name Jesus.

Matthew 23; Luke 20-21

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MFM Daily Devotional 31st October 2021 Sunday Mountain Top Life Message. The Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM) is a Pentecostal denomination founded in Yaba, Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria in 1989, now with churches in several countries. It was founded by Daniel Kolawole Olukoya.

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