DCLM Daily Manna 15th June 2021 Deeper Life Devotional By Pastor W.F Kumuyi


TOPIC: Sorrowful Life Of a Drunkard

TEXT: Proverbs 23:26-35

My son, give me thine heart, and let thine eyes observe my ways.

27 For a whore is a deep ditch; and a strange woman is a narrow pit.

28 She also lieth in wait as for a prey, and increaseth the transgressors among men.

29 Who hath woe? who hath sorrow? who hath contentions? who hath babbling? who hath wounds without cause? who hath redness of eyes?

30 They that tarry long at the wine; they that go to seek mixed wine.

31 Look not thou upon the wine when it is red, when it giveth his colour in the cup, when it moveth itself aright.

32 At the last it biteth like a serpent, and stingeth like an adder.

33 Thine eyes shall behold strange women, and thine heart shall utter perverse things.

34 Yea, thou shalt be as he that lieth down in the midst of the sea, or as he that lieth upon the top of a mast.

35 They have stricken me, shalt thou say, and I was not sick; they have beaten me, and I felt it not: when shall I awake? I will seek it yet again.

“Who hath woe? who hath sorrow? who hath contentions? who hath babbling? who hath wounds without cause? who hath redness of eyes? They that tarry long at the wine; they that go to seek mixed wine” – (Proverbs 23:29,30)

According to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 3 million people die annually as a result of harmful use of alcohol. This represents 1 in 20 deaths. More than three quarters of these deaths were among men. For example, WHO’sGlobal status report on alcohol and health 2018presents a comprehensive picture of alcohol consumption and the disease burden attributable to alcohol worldwide. Of all deathsattributable to alcohol, 28% were due to injuries, such as those from traffic crashes, self-harm and interpersonal violence; 21%, digestive disorders; 19% cardiovascular diseases, and the remainder due to infectious diseases, cancers, mental disorders and other health conditions.

The passage today highlights the evil of alcohol intake and abuses. The drunkard has woes, sustains avoidable injuries and shame. He cannot reason well and finds it hard to refrain from wine despite its attendant harm. As soon as the effect of alcohol wears off, he goes back to his drink again. He is simply addicted. The influence of alcohol leads to endless contentions, redness of eyes, attractions to strange women and many other deadly evils.

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One still wonders that in spite of the progress made in science and number of professing Christians, people still drink to their hurt. As it was then, so it is today. Nothing excuses a believer who indulges in alcohol consumption.

If, for whatever reason, you are still in this evil practice, this is the time to stop. Ask the Lord to forgive you of this sin and turn your life over completely to Him. He will forgive you and give you victory over this ruinous habit and help you to walk as a new creature in Christ.

Be not drunk with wine but be filled with the Spirit.

2 Samuel 23-24

Thank you for reading Today’s DCLM Daily Manna 15 June 2021 – Sorrowful Life Of A Drunkard; written by Pastor William Folorunso Kumuyi. God bless you!

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