With northern grit and southern charm, Arbor North is the result of a divine appointment, decades in the making. Michael Boris and AC Jones’s story is one of being in the right place at exactly the right time, when following your heart and instinct can lead to something spectacular. The strength of their Christian faith has played a huge role in their relationship and continues to guide them as they navigate life as newlyweds and band-partners.  

Both Michael and AC were brought up within Christian families, and it is this which has underpinned their belief and love of God throughout both hardships and good times. Michael’s faith was tested during a terrible divorce, after which he was taught the strength of the Lord’s healing and the value of the people in his life who helped guide him through the dark night of the soul. 

AC, along with her family experienced some very painful (and at times, even very dark) situations in their own church, a period that was incredibly testing on their faith. But it was the journey through these times which opened their hearts and minds to realising the full power of the Lord and whilst people, buildings, organisations may fail, the Lord will always remain steadfast.

Though born and raised in different cities, Michael is sure that it was an act of divine intervention which brought him to meet AC at a music industry event in Nashville, Tennessee at the beginning of 2020. While their meeting was brief, the connection between them was undeniable. Within a few months they were committed to a long-distance relationship and more than a year’s worth of text messages, phone calls and FaceTime calls paved the path to them saying “I do” on a beautiful Sunday in October 2021.

The duo make their music debut with new single ‘All The Right Mistakes’. Co-written with esteemed Nashville songwriter, Bill DiLuigi, the lyrics explore the ways in which each one of life’s twists and turns, all of our choices and mistakes, are a part of a divine purpose. They are clear that, as Arbor North, they are musical artists with a Christian faith, as opposed to Christian music artists. As such, they reach an audience, the majority of whom may not have a strong faith. They intend to share the love of God not by what they preach, but by how they act and what they do, hoping that through our music, they can spread hope and joy in a way that mends hurting hearts and encourages broken spirits.

“When Bill suggested the title ’All The Right Mistakes’ it hit us so powerfully right out of the gate, because the story of how we found each other was the result of two roads, once paved with heartbreak, pain, and yes… mistakes, merging to give us the happy ending we had always prayed for.”

Arbor North are delighted to be one of the first US acts announced for Millport Country Music Festival this summer and are excited to make their debut UK performance at the festival on 20th August. More UK dates are forthcoming

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