Anglican Daily Fountain Devotional 16 March 2022

TOPIC: Jesus Christ, The Good Shepherd

TEXT: John 10:11-21(NKJV)

In John’s gospel account, John often describes Jesus with metaphorical terms in order to drive home his point about the divinity of Jesus. Here in chapter 10, Jesus is described as the Good Shepherd (cf. Psalm 23). This metaphor simply describes Jesus as one who is ready to protect, provide and guide his sheep. John states, “The good shepherd gives his life for the sheep” (v.11).

The good shepherd protects his sheep from all kinds of predators, unlike the hireling who would leave the sheep and run for his life. The Good Shepherd also calls other sheep that have gone astray into the fold in order for them to be united as one flock with one shepherd.

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Every committed Christian is a leader and a shepherd and thus has the responsibility to care for all. In this era though, we often encounter leaders who would rather lord it over the flock and consume them rather than care for them. As we step out today, let us be assured we are under the watchful care of Jesus – the good shepherd – who will never leave nor forsake us.

On our own part, we have the responsibility to care for members of our family, church and society at large.

PRAYER: Lord Jesus, we thank You for Your constant love and care for us. Please give us the right attitude for the care and responsibilities of those

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